Rohit on player workloads during the IPL, “It is now up to the franchises”

The IPL 2023 begins on March 31 2023.

According to Rohit Sharma, India’s team management has given IPL franchises “some borderline indications” regarding player workload management. Nevertheless, he questioned whether the teams would follow them.

“I mean, it’s all up to the franchises now,” Rohit said after the third ODI against Australia in Chennai. “The franchises own the players, so we’ve provided some guidance or some kind of borderline element.” The franchise and, most importantly, the players must care for themselves.


“All the players are adults, so they are responsible for caring for their bodies. They can always talk about it if they feel it is getting too much. After one or two games, they can always take a break. I doubt that will happen, but.”

The IPL 2023 begins on March 31, less than ten days after India lost the ODI series against Australia 1-2 in Chennai on Wednesday. A week after the IPL final on May 28, India will begin its World Test Championship against Australia in London on June 7.