Rain delay in IPL 2023 Finals: CSK’s run chase paused as covers come on

The rain delay during the second innings of the IPL 2023 Finals at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad has halted the match, and the covers have been brought on to protect the pitch. The players from the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will have to wait until the rain stops and the ground is deemed fit for play before they can begin their run chase of 215 runs.

The rain delay adds an extra element of uncertainty and tension to the match, as the CSK batters are left to contemplate their strategy and mentally prepare themselves for the challenging task ahead. The rain delay also provides an opportunity for the CSK team management to assess the situation, consider the target, and devise a plan to approach the run chase effectively.


The CSK team is known for their ability to chase down big totals, and they will need to draw upon their experience and skill to successfully surpass GT’s formidable score. The pressure of the occasion, combined with the rain delay, creates a thrilling atmosphere for fans and spectators eagerly waiting to see how the match unfolds.

As the covers remain on the pitch, both teams will be hoping for the rain to stop soon, allowing the resumption of play and a thrilling conclusion to the IPL 2023 Finals.