Mumbai Indians to use “smart rings” to fight COVID-19

Mumbi Indians will be using “smart rings” that are being used in the NBA to fight COVID-19.

With the Indian Premier League in less than 20 days, all the teams have geared up while maintaining all the safety measures. The defending champions, Mumbai Indians have taken COVID-19 precautionary measures to another high. The team will be using smart rings that are a personal health tracking device. Every team member will be given a smart ring which will have to be worn at all times to track their health.

While the BCCI has also given very team Bluetooth bands which will help them maintain social distancing. All the players have to fix a daily fitness update through the health app. While all these measures have been taken, the MI squad has definitely notched up their safety game.

“The ring picks up a person’s vital data — heart rate, heart rate variation, respiratory rate and body temperature among other details — and then flags any irregular trend in advance so that the asymptomatic signals can be spotted at the earliest and dealt with. The ring monitors the person’s pulse, movements and temperature to present a complete picture, so that helps in the daily analysis. NBA (National Basketball Association) has made use of the similar ring health device,” the source said.

“We were all covered head to toe, with PPE, mask, face shield and even three pairs of gloves. It was absolutely difficult to recognise the person next to you. Quite an experience, but we realised how necessary it was for our own safety. We have families here and there can’t be a safer place than the Mumbai Indians camp. It showcases how much the MI management has invested in the health and safety of its players and staff,” a player said.

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