IPL 2022: Virat Kohli’s tactical change against Gujarat Titans in eliminator match pulls a ‘come-back’ performance

Virat Kohli bought a noticeable change in his batting stance against Gujarat Titans to play a match-winning inning of 73. Here’s the comparison between his batting stance earlier this tournament and in the recent game.


On Thursday, Virat Kohli played a delightful knock of 73 off 54 balls to keep Royal Challengers Bangalore alive in the tournament. Virat delivered a much-awaited knock to announce again with his bat that “form is temporary and class is permanent”.

In the final group stage match of Royal Challengers Bangalore, it was noticed that Virat made a noticeable adjustment in his stance and foot movement.

Image Courtesy: Disney+Hotstar
Image Courtesy: Disney+Hotstar

The picture at the left is Virat’s stance in the earlier stage of the tournament. In the image, it can be seen that Virat’s elbow is facing towards the cow-corner, i.e., the fielding position between mid-wicket and long-on. Denoting that Virat was not trying to play with a straight bat and was looking to open his front leg and play shots more in the mid-wicket region. His bat again was coming from the Third man and was away from his body. Additionally, he was seen shuffling towards the off-stump.

Whereas, in the image on the right, which is a picture from today’s match, it is visible that Virat is trying to play straight with a classic textbook stance. He has taken a middle-leg stump guard and is not shuffling. He is waiting for the ball to come toward him instead of reaching for the ball. Also, his front elbow is close to the body and is facing straight. His bat is also coming from the left of the first slip, showing his intent to play straight batted shots.

The significant change in his stance helped Virat play a fantastic knock of 73 runs off 54 balls. Additionally, the innings helped Royal Challengers Bangalore end the league stage positively and stay alive in the tournament. The change in his technique also shows Virat’s work on his basic skills and how sticking to the basics is the best way to play cricket.