IPL 2022: Spin wizard Yuzvendra Chahal scripts history in the league

Indian leg spinner, Yuzvendra Chahal has taken 165 wickets in the IPL history and is just two wickets away from becoming the highest wicket-taker as a spinner in IPL.


TATA IPL 2022 has been a sensational year for Yuzvendra Chahal. Not only did he find his rhythm back, but also became the leading wicket-taker of this season. Chahal is now just two wickets away from scripting history and achieving another milestone. Chahal has taken 165 wickets in IPL and is just two wickets away from breaking Amit Mishra’s record of highest wicket-taker as a spinner in IPL. Legendary Indian leg-spinner Amit Mishra who went unsold in this year’s IPL Mega-Auction, is one the most successful bowlers in the tournament and currently possesses the record with 166 wickets. It is expected that Mishra will announce his retirement in the coming period.

With Rajasthan Royals being qualified for the playoffs, Chahal will likely achieve this monumental feat this season. Chahal has taken 26 wickets in 14 matches with a fantastic strike rate of 12.92, displaying that he takes a wicket in every 12th or 13th ball. He has shown great belief in his basics and has not been seen as afraid to flight the ball and ball slowly. His technique of using the crease and bowling slow deliveries away from the batters has immensely troubled the players.

Here’s a list of most wickets by spinners in IPL:

Amit Mishra: 166

Yuzvendra Chahal: 165

Piyush Chawla: 157

Ravichandran Ashwin: 156

Sunil Narine: 152

The top three spinners in this list are leg-spin bowlers and suggest the leg-spinner’s importance. The art of leg-spin may be comprehended the toughest, but it comes in handy in any form of cricket. A leg-spinner’s ability to bowl googly, flipper, top-spin, and other variations is what makes it the most challenging form of bowling yet the most troublesome for the batters.