IND vs ENG, 4th Test: Ben Stokes and Virat Kohli engaged in a heated exchange before umpire intervene

(Image Credit: CricTracker)

Virat Kohli and Ben Strokes are two of the most perplexing advanced cricketers, and every-time two high-octane cricketers are facing other, causing some disruption ensured. During Day 1 of the fourth Test series between India and England. Kohli and Strokes were associated in a bit of an episode, which seemed to be getting out of the hands before the exchange was broken off by the on-field umpires.

Here’s how it planned out, After Mohammad Siraj bowled a bouncer to Strokes to complete the thirteenth over, Strokes mouthed a few words at the India quick. Although Siraj didn’t say much consequently, Kohli chose to bring the matter into his hands and got up to Strokes’ face when he and Jonny Bairstow were talking in the middle of overs. The conversation went on among Stokes and Kohli, however exactly when it seemed as though matters may escalate, umpires Nitin Menon and Virendra Sharma intervened and separated the two.

However, the exchange did not end there. As Stokes was on his way back to the wrinkle, Kohli once again entered the scene as the two cricketers continued to have a go at each other. This time it was umpire Virender Sharma who needed to stop fire. Despite the fact that the scene among Kohli and Stokes was let go, as of now, the England all-rounder next got into somewhat of a verbal exchange with Siraj.

Stokes edged Siraj through the slip cordon first ball off the 15th over and scored two more consecutive boundaries later in the over. Something happened and Siraj mouthed a few words at Stokes although the England batsman did not retaliate.

This is not the first instance of Kohli acting animated on the field. During the second Test, as Joe Root survived a close LBW call near the stumps on Day 2, an unimpressed Kohli waled towards Menon and had lengthy discussion with the umpire, responding rather heatedly prior to strolling back to his handling position shaking his head. Kohli’s act was slammed by the former England cricketers David Lyod, saying that had it been some other game, Kohli would have been prohibited from the following game.

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