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ICC expects full crowds for initial four days of WTC Final at The Oval

The International Cricket Council (ICC) anticipates a sold-out crowd for at least the first four days of the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and Australia at The Oval in London, starting from June 7.

To account for any weather-related interruptions, the ICC has also kept a reserve day for the title clash, ensuring a complete and uninterrupted contest.

Collaborating closely with the local organizing committee, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the ICC aims to deliver an enthralling spectacle for cricket fans. The excitement surrounding the final has generated immense interest, with the clash between the world’s top two teams expected to be a fantastic event.

Wasim Khan, ICC’s General Manager of Cricket, expressed optimism about the crowd turnout, stating, “We are expecting full crowds for at least the first four days. We know we are heading in the right direction.” He emphasized the significance of favorable weather conditions to ensure an uninterrupted match, but highlighted the availability of a reserve day to make up for any lost time.

Interestingly, this is the second consecutive edition of the WTC final to be held in the United Kingdom. Wasim clarified that the decision was based on the scheduling of the final and the suitability of the venue. The Oval, serving as a neutral ground, offers an ideal location for the summit clash between the two teams.

Wasim explained, “The way the WTC cycle is set up, we are playing in the northern hemisphere summer. We look for diverse venues, currently as it stands within England. Lord’s was considered, but the decision was made to hold the final at The Oval for this edition.” He further highlighted that hosting the final in the UK every two years aligns with the tournament’s structure, as it falls in line with the northern hemisphere’s cricket season.

The previous edition of the WTC final, held in Southampton, also involved India, which finished as the runner-up to New Zealand. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the clash between India and Australia, the ICC’s expectation of full crowds for the initial four days adds to the excitement surrounding the pinnacle event of Test cricket.