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Harbhajan Singh responds to Shah Rukh Khan’s latest tweet about the game “Pitthu”

Harbhajan Singh has made a comment on the latest Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet.


Shah Rukh Khan has started a “#AskSrk” on Twitter where he replies to his fans for 10 minutes. On Thursday, 12th January when film star Shah Rukh Khan decided to start “#Asksrk” on his official Twitter handle, former cricketer Harbhajan Singh made a comment.

Shah Rukh Khan mentioned a game named “Pitthu” on his latest tweet. Pitthu is basically an Indian local game which is popularly known as “Lagori” in most of the places. Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, “10 minutes #AskSrk then have to leave for a game of ‘Pitthu’ (Lagori) with the kids.”

The film star Shah Rukh Khan said he is going to play “Pitthu” with his kids. Harbhajan Singh made a comment and said he also wants to join him in the game. “Pitthu” name is famous in Punjab and they know this game by this name only. Harbhajan Singh also said that Lagori used to be his favourite game in his native place.

“Where are u playing ? Can I join khan shab ? I know I m bit late for this time but next time mujhe bulana pithuu garam use to be my fav game in my mohalla,” tweeted Harbhajan Singh in reply to Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet.