Eng vs Pak Day 3 begins: Ollie Pope scores a half-century, steadily continues along with Jos Buttler

England vs Pakistan Day 3 session one begins at 3.30 pm IST. Weather favorable for play.


England resumed on Day 3 to bat on 92/4 to achieve Pakistan’s set target of 326 runs. It was good to note that the weather conditions were suitable for a full play.

The first session began with Jos Buttler and Ollie Pope on the crease. The initial over was challenging for England, as no major hits seemed possible. The match lacked momentum and it looked good for Pakistan. No sooner, ENG 98-4, Ollie Pope scored 50runs making his 5th in 11 Test matches. Ollie Pope seems a bright prospect for the team. The 34th over witnessed England getting a 100+ as Jos Buttler brought back the confidence with a ‘four’.

Mohammad Abbas was able to get maiden overs. From the past 10 overs of the on-going session, 16 runs for England but Pakistan fails to get a wicket. At the end of 44th over the score reads as ENG 123-4. Jos Buttler and Ollie Pope continue batting with the principle of ‘Slow and Steady’.