Dwayne Bravo gets nostalgic while recalling his role he played in Mumbai Indians

Dwayne Bravo shares the memory of when he recommended Kieron Pollard’s name for the team Mumbai Indians.

Dwayne Bravo shares the cherishable story and the contribution he made to the team MI by signing Kieron Pollard in 2010.

Actually, Bravo played for the Mumbai Indians between 2008 and 2010. Well, after the Trinidadian left for Chennai Super Kings, the team began to look out for a fresh replacement.

In an interview with Cricbuzz, Bravo told that he has suggested the team Kieron Pollard’s name as the team was looking out for a replacement.

He says, “When Mumbai Indians needed a replacement for me, I gave them Kieron Pollard’s name. When they tried contacting him, he was playing for a club, so I recommended Dwayne Smith and he became my replacement.”

Bravo further adds, “The following year, when it was the Champions League,  called Rahul and said, ‘Pollard, he’s here’. Come and sign him now before the tournament starts. Rahul and Robin Singh left Mumbai and came to Hyderabad, I’ll never forget they came with a contract which at that time was 200,000 USD. I called Pollard, who came downstairs, and met them both in the lobby. He saw the contract. Now for someone coming from Trinidad, as a 19-year-old, that was wow. He said, ‘Dwayne are you serious?”, according to Cricbuzz.

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