David Warner’s wife alleges discriminatory treatment by Cricket Australia

Candice Warner, wife of Australian cricketer David Warner, has raised serious allegations against Cricket Australia (CA), claiming that the organization has subjected her husband to differential treatment.

In a candid interview on Channel 10, Candice asserted that there has been a bias against Warner within the cricket administration. She suggested that Cricket Australia was not keen on having Warner involved because he did not conform to the typical image of a cricket player.


“At times 100 per cent. But it’s not just them. It’s the administration,” Candice stated, hinting at a broader systemic issue within Cricket Australia.

Candice emphasized that throughout Warner’s career, there was a sense that the administration did not fully support him due to his unique personality and approach to the game.

Candice also hinted at past incidents where both she and David had been mistreated by certain individuals within the cricketing fraternity, although she refrained from naming them directly.

This accusation comes amidst previous comments made by David Warner regarding the leadership ban imposed on him by Cricket Australia in 2018.