Cricket Australia is ‘toey’ about the Pakistan tour

Australia will be traveling to Pakistan after almost 24 years, amid the fear of terrorist attacks.


Australia seems to stand on edge as within a month the Ashes-dominated team is set to travel Pakistan after 24 years. The last time Australia traveled to Pakistan was in 1998 and the fear of terrorist attacks and crowd controlling failure, the international teams didn’t want Pakistan to host any games.

As per the reports of TOI, a source revealed that the Australian team is all “toey” about the Pakistan series. Australia will be touring Pakistan for the series which includes three Test games, three ODIs, and then T20I game.

The security concerns in Pakistan have restricted the nation to host Australia and some other international teams too. Instead team Australia used to play with Pakistan in UAE.

New Zealand intended to play the series in Pakistan but due to security concerns of the players and the management, the tour was stopped in middle. England too canceled their tour amid security concerns.

The local media reported that Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has raised concerns over terrorism in the nation as according to Minister Sheikh the terrorist attack have increased since the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.

A separatist group has also been formed, newly, in the southwestern Balochistan reign. The group has claimed the responsibility for the attack via a text message to a Reuters reporter.

Recently Australia announced their Sri Lanka team where Coach Langer and veteran player David Warner are asked to stay back and prepare for the Pakistan tour as the Australian team considers the series to be critically important.