Asia Cup Finals Live: Siraj’s record-breaking fifer, a day to remember

In a jaw-dropping display of fast bowling brilliance, Mohammed Siraj etched his name in the record books during the Asia Cup Finals of 2023. With a spellbinding performance that left fans in awe, Siraj managed to achieve the extraordinary feat of taking five wickets within a mere 15 balls – a performance that surely sets a new standard in the annals of cricket history.

The crescendo of this historic moment unfolded when Siraj faced Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka. The stage was set, and the anticipation in the stadium was palpable. Siraj, who had been masterful in his approach all day, was about to deliver his pièce de résistance.


Throughout the over, Siraj had bowled a clever mix of deliveries, maintaining a tantalizing line and length, enticing the batsmen to make a mistake. The sequence of deliveries that led to Shanaka’s downfall was masterfully orchestrated. Having consistently bowled full and wide to set up his prey, Siraj then pushed the ball fuller at the middle stump, adding a touch of late movement to further confound the batsman.

Shanaka, captivated by the late movement, found himself deceived by the delivery. The result was nothing short of calamitous for the Sri Lankan skipper, as his stumps were left in a disarray – a testament to the precision and craftiness of Siraj’s bowling.

As the bails were sent flying, the stadium erupted in cheers and applause, recognizing the significance of the moment. Siraj, aware of the magnitude of his achievement, celebrated with a jubilant and memorable Ronaldo-esque celebration, encapsulating the sheer joy and ecstasy of the occasion.

Five wickets in 15 balls is a feat rarely witnessed in the world of cricket. Siraj’s performance on this historic day was a masterclass in seam and swing bowling, a display of skill, composure, and a fierce competitive spirit. It’s a day that Siraj and cricket fans around the world will never forget.

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