Angelo Mathews Makes Unfortunate History: First Batsman Timed Out in International Cricket

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In an unprecedented incident, Angelo Mathews created history by becoming the first batter ever to be timed out in international cricket. The incident occurred when Mathews, after walking to the pitch, requested a helmet change. However, he was not prepared to face the ball within the stipulated two-minute timeframe as per the ICC playing conditions.


Mathews’ helmet strap appeared broken as he readied himself to face the bowling of Shakib Al Hasan. He promptly called for a replacement helmet but had not yet taken his stance to face the bowler. Umpires Marais Erasmus and Richard Illingworth ruled him out, despite the fact that Bangladesh had already broken their huddle, taken their positions in the field, and Shakib was at the top of his bowling mark, ready to deliver.

At the time of the previous batter’s dismissal, the clock read 3:49 pm local time, while Mathews was given out at 3:54 pm. This indicates that the umpires had granted him more than a minute’s grace period before making the decision. According to ICC playing conditions, a new batter is required to be ready to face their first ball within two minutes of arriving, a rule that Mathews unfortunately failed to adhere to in this instance.