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Meet Shruti Aggarwal, the young founder helping Indian entrepreneurs succeed


Shruti Aggarwal is the founder of  The StartupLab, an all-in-one platform for everything a startup needs, like company registration, compliance work, virtual CFO, business development, funding assistance, etc.The StartupLab’s portfolio startups are funded by eminent Venture funds like – Inflexor ventures,, HDFC Capital, Tie, Almeda Ventures, etc. Shruti Aggarwal, a qualified Company Secretary, started a platform to help Indian startups grow from zero to successful ventures.

Some of its prominent clients are SahiCoin, Galaxy Card, Growfitter, Rare planet, Eunimart, Heliware, Edgistify,, Vidyakul, Entitled, Fabrik, Zenpay, Thatmate, Microdegree, Inzpira, Hoppup, Hopscotch, etc.

The platform is working with a vision to create such conditions for startups that make them grow, innovate, create and succeed without having to think about the taxing legal side of the business. Also, The StartupLab is working with aggressive growth plans and is looking to get around 25+ startups funded in 2022-23.


Industry Experience And Her Startup

Shruti has been actively involved in the Indian startup ecosystem for the last seven years. With the experience she gained over the years working with Indian startups, she is helping budding entrepreneurs in their startup journey and promoting the startup ecosystem.Her startup is putting an end to problems most Indian Entrepreneurs face, like Legal, Technical, monetary or any other.Her tireless commitment and support have inspired and motivated entrepreneurs from every part of the nation, allocating everyone to strengthen their skills and live the dream which concurred their night.She believes, “The Indian startup community is full of entrepreneurs that are dreamers and are working with a vision to create something valuable for society.” To help them in their journey, she started The StartupLab. Understanding that running a startup is not easy, Shruti, through her startup, is helping Indian entrepreneurs in every legal aspect and propels them to go from zero to one.Lauded as a young dynamic founder, Shruti is professionally known for her corporate sector advising, guidance, and affixing and mentoring of several Indian startups.Through her startup, The StartupLab, Shruti is helping entrepreneurs excel in their ventures. Her startup provides a lot of quality content for free, and daily, publishes the latest news from the startup ecosystem, including funding news, mergers, acquisitions news, etc., startup stories, updates on entrepreneurial events, blogs on various business sectors and their future, etc.

Further, the platform also provides ‘Free Advisory to Startups. Leveraging her experience to accelerate the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem, Shruti, along with her team, has served 1000+ startups in 2.5 years. A strong-willed dynamic leader with potent industry knowledge, Shruti enabled 14 startups to get funded in the last 1.5 years.


Some of her forte streams include Legal Advice, Business Development, Strategy and Fund Counselling. Through her startup, she is making the startup journey easy for entrepreneurs that aim to change society for the better.

Entrepreneur, Mentor And Angel Investor

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Shruti is herself an angel investor and mentor at platforms like Coffeemug, Viridian ventures, and various e-cells. She has managed one of the well-known accelerator programs of Indigram labs foundations.

Presently, Shruti is mentoring 4 startups, all of which are revenue-making. Additionally, she has onboarded as a mentor at Antwak, Helloick, Viridian accelerator, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, and Nasscom.

Further, Shruti plans to launch an investors’ platform wherein revenue-making startups will get funding up to Rs 2 Cr. She also aims to launch an incubator program wherein, The StartupLab will select 10 startups from deeptech, fintech and other sectors.

For her services, she has been awarded as a startup enabler on the occasion of the National Leadership Summit on Women & Education and recognized for the Women shine award by CWE. She has been recognized as Startup Enabler by Indian Women Excellence & Leadership Awards 2018 and recognized as the top 150 SME Women entrepreneur-2019.