Top 10 popular dishes of Maharashtra, the snack hub

Here are the ten most popular dishes that you should try on your next trip to Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is a state that considers their food to be more sombre than others. It is a cuisine of Marathi people which has distinctive attributes. Here’s the menu of Maharashtrian cuisine that you can’t miss to eat in your lifetime.

Pav Bhaji 


It is the synonymous dish of the state, which is a popular street snack. It consists of a vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll called pav.

Vada Pav

It is the Indian version of a burger. It is a spicy deep-fried patty made of potato which is squeezed between a thick slice of bread. 

Sabudhana Vada 

It is a crispy Indian fritter that can be found in many stalls throughout the state. The dish consists of a combination of soaked tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes, roasted and crushed peanuts, and a variety of spices. 

Misal Pav

It is quintessentially from Pune, which may be consumed as breakfast, snack, or even brunch. The dish is a tangy lentil curry made of moth beans and served with pav bread.


It is a sweet dish of the state, which can be offered in different types like custard apple basundi or angoor basundi. The sweet is made of milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron.


It is a common savory snack found in abundance on the local streets. Puffed rice, groundnuts, potatoes, fried noodles, onions, and chilies are the most commonly used ingredients. 


It is an Indian sweet dumpling that was originated in Maharashtra. It is called in different names in various other states. The filling of the sweet consists of coconut, and jaggery. While the outer shell is made of rice flour.


It is a versatile dish that can be consumed as breakfast or a chai time snack. The dish comes in many variants like Kanda poha, batata poha, dadpe poha, and kachche pohe.

Puran Poli 

It is a sweet version of paratha, which is popularly made on festive occasions. The dish is made of jaggery, yellow gram dal, plain flour, cardamom powder, and ghee. 

Ragda Pattice 

It is famous street food in Maharashtra. The potato patties are dipped in Ragda gravy and topped with chat chutneys and finely chopped onions, sev, and cilantro.