Food of Arunachal Pradesh – Dishes that you can Savor on

Arunachal Pradesh is not only known for being a legend in beauty, but it also has tastiest dishes to its fame. That means if you plan a trip to this spot, you will also take your tastebuds to an adventure. Food forms an essential part of the culture of North Indian people, and of course, Arunachal Pradesh has this same culture too. The type of food eaten in this state differs from tribe to tribe. Some are dependent on dairy foods while others are dependent on Bamboo for their food. They mostly eat boiled or smoked food and that is what the travelers come for to taste in this location.

Here is the list of some tasty dishes that you will find in Arunachal Pradesh and you can savor on it.



Bamboo Shoots


One of the most famous dishes of Arunachal Pradesh is Bamboo Shoots. It is basically made from the sprouts or shoots that come out of the Bamboo tree, which is edible. These shoots are cooked with authentic spices and baking soda at low flame giving them a crisp texture. It is known as the side dish served and enjoyed with almost all the meals.



Don’t be surprised to see rice on the list. This isn’t the normal rice you boil and eat. The rice is cooked in a hollow bamboo over coal and that’s what makes this rice different from what we usually eat. It is called Kholam. It is their staple food and all other dishes are their side dish. There is one more way to cook rice. It is called Dung Pao, when it is cooked using two brass utensils, and served after wrapping in the leaves.



So, if you are in north India, then you would find Momo like everywhere. However, Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its authentic Momos. Filled with the goodness of stuff like cabbage, potato, carrot in their vegetarian variants and chicken, mutton, and beef are used in their non-vegetarian counterparts, momos steamed in the spices in Arunachal Pradesh will leave you wanting for more.



It is a unique yet tasty and flavorful soup.  It is made up of raw and fresh fish cooked with khumpatt leaves, ginger, garlic, makat, green chili, and minced meat paste. Locals love to drink this soup in winter seasons. Though it might be difficult for us to acquire the taste for it the people of Arunachal Pradesh loves this dish. so, trying it out might open the doors for something very different and tasty and you might find your travel favorite dish here.



Along with their famous rice dish, what they serve at the side is Lukter. It basically is meat cooked in Bhuj Jholakia. They use dry chili flakes of the King of Chilly. It is a simple dish and loved by a number of people who taste it. If you are a fan of meat, then give this dish a try

These were some of the amazing dishes of Arunachal Pradesh that you will definitely fall in love with.