Cadbury clarifies on a viral tweet which claimed that it contains beef

A screenshot was shared from a website that went viral on social media says that if a product contains gelatine as an ingredient, that means it was derived from beef.

This weekend there were several people across India who took Twitter to  boycott of Cadbury products, which people were claiming that the factory while making the products uses gelatin in some of their products. Regarding with this a screenshot was shared along with a website which went viral on all social media handles which read as if a product contains gelatine as an ingredient, that means it was made from beef.

Many users retweeted the tweet and tweeted as, “Is this true @CadburyUK? If yes, Cadbury deserves to be sued for forcing Hindus to consume halaal certified beef products. Our ancestors & Gurus sacrificed their lives but didn’t accept eating beef. But post “independence” rulers have allowed our Dharma to be violated with impunity.” Right after this, hundreds of tweets become viral in a very short span, which claim in calling to boycott  the British company exporting the products.


Besides this, Cadbury Dairy Milk clarified the false tweet made by consumers on twitter said that, the products of Mondelez/Cadbury sold and manufactured in India are 100 percent vegetarian and  viral screenshot are not related to the Indian products of Cadbury. It is clearly mentioned  if the green dot is visible on the wrappers it signifies that the product is vegan.

Cadbury responded the tweet saying, “Hi Madhu, the screenshot you shared in the tweet is not related to Mondelez products that is manufactured in India. All the products which are manufactured are sold in India with 100 percent vegetarian sign which is the green dot on the wrapper.”


Many other users  pointed that the screenshot which is being shared of Cadbury Australia and in India the brand also uses the green symbol to shows that the product is 100 per cent vegan.