7 Foods that boost immunity for vegetarians

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to find ways to boost our immunity. Till any vaccine becomes commercially available.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to find ways to boost our immunity. Till any vaccine becomes commercially available, we have to rely solely on our immune system to fight with this disease. It’s even more difficult for the vegetations to choose foods for immunity. This feature aims to help them.

Here are the 7 foods that boost immunity for vegetarians.

1) Green tea:-

It is the master to start your day at least during this pandemic. Green tea has two powerful antioxidants namely flavonoids and EGCG. As we all know our t cells plays the central role in our immunity. L-theanin helps in the development of these T cells and green tea is packed with this amino acid.

2) Garlic:-

Adding this amazing ingredient not only spice up your dish, but also protects you from infections and lowers your blood pressure. As it contains sulphur compounds it boosts your immunity.

3) Broccoli :-

It is rich with Vitamin a,c,e calcium zinc. You get enough fiber and antioxidantsto clear your digestive system and boost your immunity.

4) Citrus fruits:-

Everyone knows about the miraculous healing power of lemons in cold. It is basically due to the presence of vitamin c and any citrous fruit can boost your immunity. As vitamin c is water soluble, it gets out of our body through urine. So you have to take it daily.

5) Yogurt :-

You must have yoghurt in a at least one time in a day because it is clinically proved that it helps fighting with Covid-19 disease. It is also full of which means which always strengthens your bones.

6) Almonds:-

It is packed with Vitamin E start with the day with half a cup of almonds and you are ready for the day to find any disease causing germs almond also helps you to reduce weight.

7) Turmeric:-

It is used in most of the Indian curries. Apart from this we also had turmeric mixed with milk in order to boost immunity in our childhood. Turmeric has a component name curcumin which gives is it the distinct yellow colour. This component has anti-inflammatory and antiviral property. It reduces muscle damage as well as improves health.

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