Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Shardul Pandit says that reality shows are not only played inside, but outside too

Shardul Pandit: “I was not as big as them, so the makers were not interested in showing me I guess. But, no complaints about that”

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shardul Pandit, who now can be seen in daily soaps like Bandini, Godh Bharaai, Kuldeepak, and Sidhi Vinayak, doesn’t seem to be keen on doing fiction shows now. He wants to explore different mediums. Last seen in the reality show Bigg Boss 14, Shardul says, “I am not looking for typical saas-bahu shows, I want to do something interesting. It’s a wrong perception that entertainment is only about acting and fiction shows. One can be entertained through several other means. And that’s the reason I want to explore other mediums. It could be radio or web series or even music videos and I am open to them all. I have been doing all these in the past few years, rather than just focussing on saas-bahu shows. Whatever I am doing, it might not make for a catchy headline but at the end of the day it gives me happiness.”

Sharing his BB 14 experience, he says, “It didn’t make any big difference to my life and career, except that it increased my social media followers.” Not happy with the outcome, Shardul feels that most of his scenes in the house were edited. “There were many big actors when I participated in the reality show. I was not as big as them, so the makers were not interested in showing me I guess. But, no complaints about that. I would say that reality shows are not only played inside but outside too.”

If given another opportunity, he will go better prepared, he says.  “Now I have learned how to do things with a proper manager. So if given a chance to enter the house, I will go prepared.”

Following the season of Bigg Boss15, Shardul finds Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra interesting in the house. “Both are playing quite well. To see contestants falling in deep love in the very first week of the show looks very fake and typical drama to me,” he says adding, “How can one fall in love in the first week of entering the BB House?”

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