Bigg Boss OTT 2: Mahesh Bhatt opens up about struggling days, praises daughter Pooja Bhatt

In a historic moment on Bigg Boss OTT, acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt entered the reality show’s house and shared heartwarming stories from his family’s past. With candidness and nostalgia, he spoke about the challenging times he faced in the film industry when his movies were not finding success.

During an emotional conversation with the housemates, Mahesh Bhatt praised his daughter, Pooja Bhatt, for being the pillar of strength during his struggling days. He recounted how she played a significant role in supporting the family and keeping their spirits high during those trying times.

The veteran director revealed that when his career was facing obstacles, it was Pooja Bhatt who took the initiative to contribute to the family’s finances. With unwavering determination, she ventured into the world of modeling and auditioned for numerous advertisements. Her efforts and talent in the modeling industry proved fruitful, and her success played a crucial role in running the household during those difficult days.

Mahesh Bhatt’s candid revelation shed light on the extraordinary resilience and resourcefulness displayed by Pooja Bhatt as she stepped up to take charge of the family’s well-being. Her dedication and commitment during those trying times are a testament to her strong will and determination.

Pooja Bhatt, an accomplished actress and filmmaker herself, has carved her niche in the entertainment industry with her exceptional talent and versatility. Her journey from being the backbone of her family during their struggling days to becoming a prominent personality in Bollywood is an inspiring tale of triumph over adversity.

The heartwarming revelation on Bigg Boss OTT touched the hearts of the viewers, who admired the bond between father and daughter and the strength they derived from supporting each other. Mahesh Bhatt’s presence in the reality show provided an insightful glimpse into the life of the illustrious filmmaker and his family’s extraordinary journey.