Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Munawar Faruqui and Samarth Jurel plan to visit Korea with Aoora; latter shares, “Mostly non-veg food is available”

Samarth Jurel and Munawar Faruqui express their desire to visit South Korea with new wildcard Aoora, discussing food and weather details.

Bigg Boss 17 recently saw the entries of the two new wild cards for the season. One of the two being K-pop singer Aoora who is seen navigating the challenges with language barriers. The housemates are often seen engaging him the conversation about Korea and his life in the country. In the recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip Samarth Jurel and Munawar Faruqui express their desire to visit South Korea after the show. The two plan the trip with Aoora as he explains them about Korean weather.

This Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha clip opens in the living room area with Munawar and Samarth in frame lounging on the Sofa. When Munawar and Samarth express their urge to visit Korea. The two even start to plan their visit.This is when they ask Aoora about Korea’s weather. The singer informs them that August and September are the hot season while October is the best season to visit Korea.


The two then agree on Ocotober but Aoora informs them that he will in India which is why it may not be ideal.

Samarth and Munawar then agree on visiting him during September. Samarth cracks a joke saying, “Yah so will visit next year.” This shocks Aoora. Samarth then explains that, “Right now December, so in 2024.”

The two also enquire about vegetarian food situation in Korea. Aoora replies, “Mostly non veg food is available in Korea, veg is very less.” Samarth then asks, “Arw there Indian restaurants?” Aoora replies, “Very few. Most of them are from America. Only my friend I know is from India.”