Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed: Abhishek Kumar reveals his true feelings about Khanzaadi; says, “I like her very much but future nahi dekhta”

Abhishek Kumar from revealed his feelings for Khanzaadi but expressed reluctance due to prioritizing the game to Sana Raees Khan in a recent Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed clip.

Bigg Boss 17’s Abhishek Kumar made headlines due to his new love angle with Khanzaadi a few episodes back. Since then, the two have been through several ups and downs. The most recent one was an argument between the two wherein the Udraayian actor called Khanzaadi ‘behen’ while calling her out for being selfish in the task.

Since then the contestants inside the Bigg Boss 17 house have been asking about the relationship status between the two. However, the couple in the end decided not to go forward with their feelings and focus on the game instead. The latest developments about the two suggest that Abhishek might have feelings for Khanzaadi but is holding himself back because of the game.


As per the Live Feed video circulating on social media platforms. Sana Raees Khan asked Abhishek about his true feelings for Khanzaadi. She asks, “I feel that you’re not serious about Khanzaadi, hai na?”

Abhishek replies, “I like her very much!” Sana then asks Abhishek why he is resisting their bond. Abhishek replies, “Mereko nahi aana hai yaar, mujhe yeh platform par achese rehna hai. Aur agar mein ek baar ushke piche pad gya na toh mujhe kuch dikhega nahi.”

He further continues saying, “Joh mein thoda bahut dimaag chalne lag gya hai na woh bhi merese nahi hoga. Aap log acha kaam kare rahe ho, mein yehi par kar raha hu aur bahar jake aur krna bhi hai. But ek cheez hai ki mein ushke sath future nahi dekh sakta.”