Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Choudhary at loggerheads; former says, “Iske ilawa koi aukaat bhi nahin hai tumhari yahan pe”

Tonight’s we will see Abdu Rozik making fun of Shalin.


Bigg Boss season 16 has entered the fifth week of its successful running. Audience has seen love brewing amongst contestants. Some calling it fake love, some genuine. Fans have witnessed fights like never before. Friends become foes at the blink of an eye has been one of the biggest outcome of Bigg Boss. In tonight’s episode, we are about to witness yet another verbal spat between Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shalin Bhanot.

In one of the promos of tonight’s telecast of Bigg Boss season 16’s episode, going extremely viral on almost all social media platforms shows us very ugly exchange of words between Shalin Bhanot, an Indian television actor and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, a very famous actress of the recent Colors’ Tv show, ‘Udaariyaan.’

Starting with context, this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ saw Gautam Singh Vig in a fix of making a tough decision. Noticing how badly Gautam needs to stay in the house after seeing how he had been begging everyone, especially Ankit Gupta for saving him, Salman Khan gave Gautam a chance to become the captain of the house and win immunity from nomination leading to eviction. But this captaincy came with a huge cost of taking away all the ration from Bigg Boss’s house. All the housemates went against Gautam.

Now, the very next day, Shalin Bhanot was seen constantly poking and irritating Bigg Boss asking for his 1.5 grams of chicken as a daily protein intake owing to his medical reasons. Tonight’s we will see Abdu Rozik making fun of Shalin by mimicking Shalin’s constant asking of his chicken from Bigg Boss. Priyanka starts laughing, which will lead Shalin to spew some bad words at her. Both will start hurling ugly words at each other, making Shalin to say, “iske ilawa koi aukaat bhi nahin hai tumhari yahan pe.”