Bigg Boss 16: “Capatain thodi na banne aye hain yeh,” Archana Gautam to Tina Datta when the latter supports Abdu Rozik

Tina Datta also gives a crisp reply to Archana Gautam.


In yet another spicy promo of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16 being shared by all on social media platforms, we see Archana Gautam now having a brawl with Tina Datta. Apparently, there’s a task designed by Bigg Boss where the house will be divided into two parts to decide if they are ‘For Abdu’ or ‘Change Abdu.’ This has come after the most loved contestant of Bigg Boss season 16, Abdu Rozik, has not only become the most famous contestant amongst fans but has also become the only captain in the history of the 16 seasons of Bigg Boss who was followed by almost everyone in the house. Contestants as per their wish and reasons and strategies will be playing for Abdu or change Abdu.

In the promo we see Tina Datta playing for Abdu and Archana Gautam taunting her that she hasn’t come in Bigg Boss house to become a captain that’s why she’s favouring Abdu Rozik. Tina Datta also gives a crisp reply to Archana Gautam that she will support whosoever is right and that Archana should do all these stupidities back in her own house.

Archana’s reason for going against Abdu is very clear because she herself wants to be captain yet again. But Tina’s stand for Abdu looks bit fishy and unrealistic and not so real and fake. She could be supporting Abdu considering how Nimrit Ahluwalia has been saved by being in Abdu’s good books. So, even she would want to impress Abdu.