Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla advises Rubina Dilaik on excelling in her task

Planning and more planning in Bigg Boss14 house. In a recent Extra Masala clip Abhinav Shukla is seen giving some advices to Rubina Dilaik related to the upcoming task.

The clip begins with Abhinav Shukla giving some crucial advice to Rubina Dilaik about the upcoming task.
It’s all about keeping the count of seconds and everyone is tensed about that in house. Now that we know that Abhinav is keeping the count and Rubina is in duty of answering questions.

Abhinav advices her to simply dodge the questions or answer with whatever comes in mind first, it doesn’t have to be correct.


Other inmates will try to get into an argument and they’ll have to anyhow keep the cool and not lost the count. Which sounds like a good plan and Rubina tells Abhinav will have to keep the counts without others knowing that he’s counting.

Crucial time for the inmates of Bigg Boss house.