Bigg Boss 14: TV actor Aly Gloni ‘exposes’ Nikki Tamboli, accuses her of spreading hate on Jasmin Bhasin

Actor Aly Goni takes to his Instagram to reveal all the hatered the PR team of Nikki Tamboli has been spreading on Jasmin Bhasin since their ‘farmland’ task.

Bigg Boss 14 might have just made two contestants turn against each other through a task. Jasmin Bhasin, who always considered Nikki Tamboli a baby has now lost all respect for her. Nikki Tamboli isn’t doing much to even try to make up for it. Jasmin’s best friend and TV actor Aly Goni just took to Instagram to reveal all the hate that Nikki’s team has been spreading on Jasmin.

During the latest house task ‘farmland’, Jasmin and Nikki were pitted against each other. The latter then abused Jasmin even though she didn’t say anything to her. After the task got over, the seniors took a long time to decide who the winner was. Since then, according to actor Aly Goni, the PR team responsible for Nikki Tamboli’s official account is spreading fake and mean pictures against Jasmin. The actor has shared a few screenshots and has asked everyone to come together and support Jasmin.

Check out the screenshots:

Screenshot 1 Aly Goni

Screenshot 2 Aly Goni

Screenshot 3 Aly Goni

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