Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan gives tips on how to take a good nap in the house

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Mahajan gives tips on how he broke the Bigg Boss house rules

In the Bigg Boss house, there are some strict rules that the contestants have to follow. One of the rules is that the contestants cannot sleep during the day. They cannot take small naps even if they want. Rahul Mahajan shares a funny incident from season 2 where the house collectively broke some rules.

In the Extra Masala, Rahu shares his plan to sleep in the house during the day. He tells Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi and Jasmin Bhasin how they used to sleep in his season. He says that goggles were allowed during his season. So all the contestants used to sit on their beds wearing the goggles and facing each other. Arshi asks him who were the contestants in his season. Rahul lists the names of Zulfi Syed, Raja Chaudhary. Manu asks him if goggles were really allowed. Rahul tells him that they used to wear the goggles and sit while falling asleep.

He continues his story about the one time he was snoring yet Bigg Boss didn’t wake him up. He excitedly talks about Debojit Saha but fumbles. Confused Manu asks him what is a ‘Debo-jimbo’. Rahul clarifies that it was Debojit Saha. Manu makes fun of him saying, “Sab khagaye andar.” He later clarifies that Rahul asked him to correct him if he ever fumbled. Continuing his story, Rahul tells the other that Debojit was allowed a tuner so that he wouldn’t go off the tune. He says he was sleeping and snoring next to Debojit who was practising. He says, “Mere kharrate aur uske aalap aise Bigg Boss kaat rahe the.

Manu laughs at this saying that it was a great combination. Jasmin joins in saying that Bigg Boss doesn’t let them off easily. Rahul says that they have given footage even in their sleep. Manu tells the others, “Bhai yeh loyal aadmi hai. Neend mein bhi khela hai.

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