Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Malkani opens up about his experience inside the BB house

Nishant Malkani was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 14 and after coming out of the BB house he finally opens up about his experience inside the house.

Nishant Singh Malkani in an interview with Indian Express, finally opens up about his experience inside the Bigg Boss house. He says that his journey was cut shot owing to personal animosity.

During the Interview, when Nishant was asked to comment on the fact that the contestants found him boring and not entertaining, he replied saying, “If I don’t like someone, I will never sit and talk to them. Most of the people in the house are selfish and spineless, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with their energies. I had recently started to chill with Jasmin, Rubina and Kavita. However, without even being nominated, I was sent to the red zone. While all four of us were even having fun there, I was feeling a little low as I could sense the unfairness in the show. Even Eijaz becoming the captain was wrong, as Abhinav had clearly won the task. I couldn’t pretend to be liked. The biggest asset I got there is that I discovered myself, and that I am a good person at the end of the day.”


Nishant pointed out on an unfair undertone that has been linked to the format of the show, in order to increase the TRP. Keeping a similar point in mind, he was asked if he is disappointed with the format of the show as regards to eviction is concerned. He said, “Bigg Boss has always been a show for the audience. Hence, it’s really unfair that the power of eviction was given to housemates. When you are competing, there is bound to be issues among each other. And one will make a consensus and throw a strong contestant out. It was not right, as I think I was making my mark with the audience, and would not have been out if it was left on their votes.”

Later, when Nishant was asked if he would like to get back to the show as a wild card entrant, he said, “I don’t know right now as I have realized that I cannot stoop down to their level. And being myself, I am sure they will continue to have a problem with me. So what’s the point going through the same cycle again? However, if things are sorted, and the makers assure that only audience votes would matter, I would love to go back. I am okay being nominated every week, as I trust my audience. However, I have no faith in the housemates’ decisions.”

Lastly, when ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ actor was asked to convey a message to his fans, who are disappointed with his elimination from the show. He said “It was definitely unfair and even I am really disappointed with how the eviction happened. However, it’s not the end as I would be back soon with something else to entertain them. However, I have realized that Bigg Boss sets up situations where good people cannot thrive in the initial episodes. They will definitely find footing and strength later though. All said and done, no point crying over spilled milk now.”

However the experience might have been, we wish Nishant Singh Malkani good luck for his future endeavors.