Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni’s OBSESSION for a bag

In a recent Extra Masala clip Aly Goni is seeing telling Manu Punjabi that he owns a bag which is his absolute favourite and he carries it for most of his travels.

The clip starts with Aly Goni telling Manu Punjabi about his one bag, which is his favorite and he carries it everywhere he goes, even to parties and leaves it in the car.

It’s the bag of his necessities, it has different pockets for different things like his checkbooks, charger, trimmer, cards, important documents etc. And it even has his Passport so that if needed he can fly anywhere he wants without worrying about things. He a always ready for everything.


Manu asks if he’s inspired from somebody about this. But Aly says that life has taught him this, to always be ready. While he was struggling, he had to travel to different places for auditions and such. He even carries a handful of dry fruits in that bag in case food isn’t available somewhere, with that there are small satches of Coffee, juice and protein shakes. Its a survival skill he has learned in life.