Lock Upp: OMG! Azma Fallah kisses Shivam Sharma; Has she fallen in love with the latter?

Azma Fallah and Shivam Sharma along with other inmates were sitting in the dining room, when contestant Azma Fallah kisses Shivam Sharma.

Lock Upp audience has been enjoying the chemistry of Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah on screen for a while now and kaidis seem to have enjoy it too.
Lock Upp contestants when got to meet their loved ones, came to know about so many other things as well.
When contestant Azma Fallah’s mother and Shivam Sharma’s father visited them in the jail, they got to know about how the audience love the duo. In the recent episodes Azma Fallah can be seen ganging up with Shivam Sharma against Payal Rohatgi as well. Azma Fallah while sitting in the dining area with Shivam Sharma and other inmates asks saisha if she should marry Shivam Sharma say, “shivam se shaadi karlu kya?”.
Anjali Arora asks Azma Fallah, “ Prince ka kya hoga?”. Azma Fallah goes to praise Shivam Sharma’s father’s warmth and says he was the one who told her that fans want to see love chemistry between Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah.
Azma Fallah suggests Shivam Sharma to get married with her, Shivam sharma says, “raat me kambal me jo kiss di thi tune….” After which Azma Fallah says, “wo to mai aise hi abhi bhi karsakti hu” and then places a kiss on Shivam Sharma’s cheek then adds ‘Azma Shivam Sharma’.