Lock Upp: Cute ‘MunJali’ moment- Munawar Faruqui cheers up sad Anjali Arora by saying, “Tu poori grand finale tak ki material hai”

Munawar cheers up sad Anjali by saying that she won’t get evicted.


As this week of Lock Upp comes to its conclusion, there is a fear of something big happening is affecting everyone. Judgement day is near and so is the next eviction.

Anjali is also very feared because of the suspense on the next eviction and thinks that she might get evicted. She told Munawar that her gut feeling is saying that she is going to get evicted from the show during tomorrow’s Judgement day and that’s why she doesn’t feel good.

On this, only Munawar reprimanded Anjali but also cheer up her by saying, “Ye sab bakwas beetein kiya matt kr, or teri gut feeling gayi tel lene. Ab tu meri sun! Tu na to is hafte jaa rhi hai, na hi agle hafte. Tu poori grand finale tk ki material hai or raise hi hm dono ki makers ne hashtag nahi banayi tujhe nikaalne ke liye.”

After this, Munawar also asked his fans to support Anjali during judgement day by voting for her.

Munawar Faruqui and Anjali Arora have a strong relationship that is visible to the audience. The two are frequently seen together on the Live Feed.
Fans have dubbed their chemistry #AnWar and #MunJali and have showered the couple with adoration.

The way Anjali looks at Munawar and the way Munawar takes stand for Anjali are giving major relationship and friendship goals.