From Genda Phool to Fevicol Se: Bollywood songs with insanely CRINGE lyrics

These are the top 8 trashy Bollywood songs, ranging from ear-splitting sounds to offensive lyrics, that are so horrible they can bring you to tears. Take a peek!

To be honest, we adore the Indian music industry. It has given us a lot of pretty great music over the years. We have so much music to select from, whether it’s an upbeat party anthem or a song that simply hits home on a gloomy day. And sometimes, the song lyrics are so amazing that they give us chills. Having said that, there are a few songs that have incredibly absurd lyrics.

Genda Phool 


This song makes people tremble for plenty of reasons, especially if the guy is Bengali. It is a great folk song from Bengal, and this inane crap only tarnishes it. Nevertheless, the rest of the song’s words are absolutely ridiculous. What on earth was Badshah thinking, really?


Aa Re Pritam Pyaare 

Rowdy Rathore was a regular masala entertainer; it was one of those films where you had to leave your brains at home to enjoy. Bollywood isn’t recognised for producing films that provoke serious thought. However, we were unaware that you should put your brains aside even when listening to the tunes until we read the lyrics.


Hookah Bar 

Himesh Reshammiya is particularly good at writing songs with melodies that linger in your head for years, as well as extremely catchy tunes. Nevertheless, he has frequently provided us with some strange lyrics in that attempt.


Fevicol Se

And lastly, here’s a wonderful illustration of how absurd lyrics can go. This song is full of such cringey lyrics. In fact, there are so many that we are unable to count them all. For the moment, set aside the song’s several problematic aspects. What logical meaning can we get from these? Without a doubt, we couldn’t.