Will there be a ‘Buddy Daddies’ season 2?

In 2023, P.A. Works served up the slice-of-life action we all didn’t know we desperately needed with Buddy Daddies. Sure, we already had Spy x Family filling that niche, but honestly, can we ever get too much of this genre?

Let’s be real: Buddy Daddies sweetened our weeks with each episode, showing us how two assassins become the unexpected guardians of a four-year-old girl. While mostly humorous, the series was a rollercoaster of emotions as Rei Suwa and Kazuki Kurusu learned to juggle their daily lives (and their high-stakes jobs) with parenting. Being a parent is a tough gig on its own, but throw in contract killing, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for chaos. Who would’ve thought?

As Kazuki and Rei quickly discover, kids and criminal lifestyles are like oil and water, but that’s precisely what makes Buddy Daddies so compelling. Watching two hitmen stumble through the trials of parenthood is endlessly entertaining, but it’s the bond they form with Miri that truly tugs at our heartstrings. Naturally, this attachment made it tough for fans to say goodbye when season 1 wrapped up. We all crave more of our trio’s wholesome antics, but will we get it?

Will Buddy Daddies have a season 2?

Season 2 of Buddy Daddies has not been announced, and it probably never will be. The anime was always intended as a short, one-and-done hit, so the lack of news about a second season shouldn’t shock fans. Of course, given its success, some hoped P.A. Works might reconsider and give us more, but that hasn’t happened.

Considering how episode 12 ended—with a 10-year time skip showing a teenage Miri and her dads living a regular life—the odds of a season 2 are slim. Sure, it would be possible to continue the story by exploring the challenges of raising a teen, especially if Rei and Kazuki’s pasts came back to bite them, but Buddy Daddies feels like it wrapped up perfectly. As the credits rolled, we saw Miri’s growth through photos pinned to the wall of her fathers’ diner. If that doesn’t scream “The End,” I don’t know what does.

All that said, hope springs eternal, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any Buddy Daddies news. While a second season seems unlikely, we might just get some other type of content down the road if we’re lucky.