Chris Evans predicted Coronavirus pandemic in 2011? A well-thought conspiracy or a reality? Read to find out!

Do you believe in prophecies? Have you ever read Nostradamus’s predictions and found it scary and interesting at the same time? Well, if you are that kind of a person who likes to engage in prediction games, then we have shocking news for you! Hold your breath and fasten your seat belts.

Your favorite superhero and first Avenger, Captain America’s makers might have predicted the Coronavirus pandemic and Geoge Floyd’s incident that shook America, back in 2011. Some eagled eyed fans dug in a screengrab from 2011 released Captain America: The First Avenger which is now surfacing on social media and breaking the Internet.


In the viral photos, we can see Chris Evans aka Steve Rogers waking up and running into Times Square in New York. Apart from Chris, the interesting bit that caught the attention of fans world-wide is some billboards. In one board, above Chris’s right shoulder, there is an illustration of a virus that perfectly resembles today’s deadly coronavirus.

Not only that, but one eagle-eyed fan also noticed a billboard that read “By George, we did it!” Sharing these unbelievably real grabs, a user wrote, “A friend who’s fully into the COVID conspiracies sent me this post that says Captain America predicted the coronavirus outbreak in 2011, and while its obviously bs, I started fixating on that circled image on the right.”

Another wrote, “OMG ITS NOT FAKE. Captain America. On right, coronavirus, on left a corona beer and a sign that says BY GEORGE WE DID IT. Captain America The First Avenger from 2011!”

A Twitterati went on to declare that, “Well it’s official: Captain America: The First Avenger predicted the coronavirus.”

However, after making a huge fuss about the matter, it just turns out to be just a mere coincidence. After some deep digging, users found the reality about the billboards. Turns out, it’s not a virus, it’s spaghetti. And the billboard actually features an advertisement for Barilla pasta. Rolling our eyes on getting to know the truth!

Though Captain American might not have predicted the future of Covid-19 world in 2011, Chris is making efforts to extend helping hands to save the world, just like Steve Rogers would do! Mission – Saving the world at any cost! More love for Captain!