Deepika Padukone’s family tests positive for COVID-19, Father Prakash Padukone Admitted To Hospital

Deepika Padukone’s family is facing the COVID-19 crisis. Her father Prakash Padukone is hospitalised for Covid-19 treatment. Deepika’s mother Ujjala and daughter Anisha have also tested positive.


Prakash Padukone, the first Indian to win the prestigious All England Championships title in 1980, will be discharged this week.
Vimal Kumar, a close friend of Prakash Padukone said,
“Around 10 days back, Prakash, his wife (Ujjala), and second daughter (Anisha), they developed symptoms and got themselves tested and the results came out to be positive.”
“They got themselves isolated but after a week Prakash’s fever didn’t come down, so last Saturday, he was admitted to a hospital here in Bengaluru. He is okay now. All his parameters are fine, his wife and daughter are at home and he too will be hopefully discharged in 2-3 days,” he added.