When MS Dhoni distanced himself from Deepika Padukone because of Yuvraj Singh

Do you know that after becoming deeply in love with Deepika Padukone, the actress, MS Dhoni separated himself due to Yuvraj Singh?

Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood diva, made her screen debut in the movie Om Shanti Om in 2007. Deepika won a lot of love and praise for her first movie. Cricket player MS Dhoni made headlines at the same time for leading his team to victory in the first-ever T20 World Cup.

However, did you know that the lanky girl, Deepika, had a strong romantic attraction for the captain cool, Dhoni? After the release of Deepika Padukone’s maiden film, MS Dhoni allegedly admitted to having a crush on her and even requested a private screening of the movie with Shah Rukh Khan. Not only that, but Deepika was also seen in the stands supporting Dhoni during a Twenty20 match against Australia.


There were even rumours that Dhoni cropped his hair at Deepika’s request. There were numerous reports that the couple was so infatuated with one another that they were thinking about getting married. But Deepika and Dhoni’s romance took a backseat when cricketer Yuvraj Singh entered the picture. As Deepika’s name began to be associated with Yuvraj, Dhoni distanced himself from Deepika in an effort to preserve his friendship with Yuvi.

Yuvraj Singh and Deepika Padukone first became close friends before starting a romantic relationship. Deepika was frequently seen supporting Yuvraj during his bouts, and they were frequently photographed together at events and on dates. But the two’s relationship didn’t last long, as they broke up. Rumour had it that Deepika ended their relationship as she thought Yuvraj was possessive. Deepika also said in a public appearance that Yuvraj would interfere with her job, which led to a great deal of confusion.

Later, Yuvraj gave an explanation for his split with Deepika in a public interview. Speaking about the same subject, he said that the actress moved on and sought solace in Ranbir Kapoor’s embrace. Yuvi described it as her personal decision, saying, “Well, she was with me and now she’s moved on with another person. I guess it’s her personal choice. If someone wants to move out of a relationship, there isn’t much that the other person can do. I am not blaming anyone but just stating the facts.”