‘Twilight’ actress Kristen stweard announces her engament after dating for two years

Kristen Stewart happily announces her engagement to her girlfriend, they have been dating for two years now, on a show.

Hollywood actress Kristen Steward, known for her ‘Twilight’ series her found work as a child starting in the movie ‘ Panic Room’ and also her famous role of playing Princess Diana in Spencer, makes the headlines after her announcement of engaging Dylan Meyer after dating for two years.

Last year, in an interview Kristen Steward shared her feeling of ‘getting hounded’ to label herself . She further talks about how before she felt aware of being photographed while she went out with her girlfriend, but didn’t feel comfortable talking bout it. She somehow felt a lot of pressure weighing on him, but not from the LGBTQ+ community.


Now, after these past years, she is finally on board with this idea of letting people know, letting the world know. ‘I love the idea that anything I do can rub off on someone struggling, and it’s really dope”, she shares.

While this engagement was announced during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern show, she also clearly made a statement about a marriage on its way. “we’re marrying, we are totally doing it. I wanted to be proposed, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it, we’re getting married, it’s finally happening, she exclaimed, as reported by E! news.

Coincidently, prior to this announcement, seen on the stage of her last talk show, she also announces how she is in love and would absolutely love to propose, “I can’t f***ing wait”, her anticipation for their love can be made clear.

Dylan, her lover, is also an actor and a writer who is known for her work in films like Rock Bottom, Moxie, and Miss 2059.

After this news, she gets hearty congratulations and wishes from various actors, fans, and friends.