Sunny Deol explains why Bollywood was against ‘Gadar’: ‘People said it was a Punjabi film, distributors refused to buy it’

Gadar clashed with Aamir Khan’s Lagaan in 2001

Sunny Deol is presently promoting his eagerly anticipated film Gadar 2. Recently, the actor appeared as a guest on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, when he discussed Gadar’s 2001 release and stated that everyone in the Hindi cinema industry was against the film.

According to Sunny Deol, “When Gadar released, everyone in the industry was against it. They said it was a Punjabi film and that it wouldn’t do well. But the audiences proved them wrong. They loved the film and made it a huge success.”


The actor also stated that they had a lot of problems because distributors refused to buy the picture. It should be noted that Gadar fought with Aamir Khan’s Lagaan, but it worked well at the box office.

Sunny Deol added, “People said the film should be dubbed in Hindi. Some distributors also said they wouldn’t buy the film. So we did face a lot of issues. But the audience loved the film so much that they shut down all the naysayers. It is the audience who gave us the confidence to make a part 2.”

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, aka Tara Singh and Sakeena, one of Bollywood’s most renowned on-screen couples, are poised to return with the second edition of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha.

Gadar 2 will pick up where Gadar left off, with Tara Singh and Sakeena facing fresh challenges for the sake of their turbulent love story.

The film, directed by Anil Sharma, is planned to enter theatres on August 11, 2023, just in time for Independence Day.