Sonia Balani gets abusive messages for playing the role of Asifa in ‘The Kerala Story’

The Kerala Story has been very sensational in the recent past of the ongoing controversies revolving around it. Although the movie is doing a spectacular job on the big screens, there is a part of the population that doesn’t agree with the film and states that it portrayed the Islam religion in the wrong light. Sonia Balani who plays the negative character in the film revealed that she has been receiving abusive messages for playing the part of the Muslim girl and giving out inappropriate statements.


In a recent interview she shared that when heard the script for the first time it made her feel numb and as it is a sad story that even affected her while reading the storyline, the actress decided on doing the film. She even stated that the film does not intend to hurt the religious sentiments of any religion. It’s for the people to perceive it as a true story and think about what the girls went through.

Further, she added by saying, “I have been receiving abusive messages because I have said many strong lines in the movie about all the Gods. I know there is a section which is not happy, but if they realize that it’s a true story and the motive is only to create awareness of those terrorist groups, then I hope that they can feel positive about it.”

The film is directed by Sudipto Sen and is set in Kerala. It showcases the true story of three college-going girls who were brainwashed and converted to Islam and sent to Syria for the terrorist organization ISIS. When being asked about the bans that the film has received in India itself, Sonia expressed that banning a movie is not a solution for everything and everyone can see that the movie is doing well irrespective of the restrictions and it seems like films that have quality content are liked by the audience even if it doesn’t include big celebrities.