Somy Ali says ‘Psychologically it is healthier’ for her to not be in touch with Salman Khan

Former Bollywood actress and No More Tears founder Somy Ali, reveals she has not met Salman Khan over the decades and prefer to keep it that way.


Former Veteran actor Somy Ali was assumed to make her acting debut opposite Salman Khan, but the project didn’t worked out accordingly. Somy and Salman Khan reportedly dated for eight years.

Hindustan Times quoted Somy Ali’s interview as, “Salman had just begun his home production and was looking for a leading lady to star opposite him in the film called Buland. We went to Kathmandu to shoot; unfortunately, I was too young and new in the industry and there was some problem with the producers and the film was shelved. So it was a metaphor for our relationship I would say.”


When she was asked if she’s still in touch with Salman, to which Somy said, “I have not spoken to Salman in five years. I think it is healthy to move on. I have moved on and he has moved on too. I don’t know how many girlfriends he has had since I left in December 1999. I wish him all the best. I know his NGO is doing brilliant work and I am proud of his Being Human Foundation. Psychologically, it is healthier for me to not be in touch with him. It is good to know he is in a good place and he’s happy, and that is all I care about.”


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