Some of the most interesting things about gorgeous lady Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan is a movie actress who has especially acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language movies. These are some of the facts of Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan is a movie actress who has especially acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language movies. Hasaan was born on January 28, 1986, in Madras. She started her career as a performer in 1999. She is presently preferred as one of the prominent actresses of Tollywood. As an entertainer, she is well known for her performance in ‘Race Gurram’, ‘Oh My friend’, and ‘Luck.’ She is also a time-honoured playback singer. These are some of the facts of Shruti Hasan that will make you mad over her beauty and performance.

She is a celebrity kid.


Shruti is not the only successful individual in her family as she comes from a huge family of entertainers. Her parents are Sarika Thakur and Kamal Haasan, who are both performers. Akshara, Her younger sister, is also an actress. Suhasini Maniratnam and Anu Haasan are her cousins and they too work in the same industry. Likewise, her uncles manage the production of filmmaking and perform in front of the camera.

She studied the human psyche

Shruti Haasan is comprehended for her mastery as a performer and her elegance. However, she is also a very competent woman. She is a notable alumni of Lady Andal school in Chennai. She studied psychology at St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai. Still, she determined to concentrate on her pursuit in music and cinema so she shifted to the United States to explore music at the Musicians Institute in California. After obtaining the degree, she returned to Chennai.

Frozen || and Shruti’s voice

She is the Tamil voice of Elsa in Frozen. What Frozen is? It is
one of the most distinguished and prosperous animations of all time. The entire world got the chance to watch and enjoy the film as it got dubbed in numerous languages. In 2019, ‘Frozen II’ was released. In the Tamil version, The character of Queen Elsa sings, speaks and everything is dubbed by Shruti.

Fake Name in School

As per the reports by India Today, In school, Shruti Haasan utilized a fake name. This was because she wished to reside unidentified. She didn’t want to tell people about her tremendous family background.
Pooja Ramchandran was her fake name. By doing this, she successfully suppressed her individuality and her classmates were fooled into believing that she was not from a popular lineage.

She is passionate about shoes

Haasan has disclosed that one of her greatest enthusiasms in life is shoes. She celebrates selecting fresh shoes and she acquires sets in numerous categories and colours. She has confessed in talks that she occupies at least 100 pairs of shoes. Haasan says that if she received more cash, she would purchase even more shoes for her compilation.

Multilingual in Life

Haasan is a woman of many abilities, and this is evident through her work as a singer, actress, musician, scriptwriter, etc. Nevertheless, she has several extra capabilities that are not associated with her endeavor in the movie and music industries. An interesting but unknown fact about this creative woman is that she is multilingual as she can communicate in eight languages. Over her career, her multilingual abilities have come in helpful for her characters in various pictures