Sayani Gupta opens up on her marriage , fears getting cheated

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Article 15 actress Sayani Gupta revealed her fear of getting married. She is afraid of dealing with the situation if she gets cheated.

Article 15 actress, Sayani Gupta is one of the woke actresses in Bollywood who expresses her opinions on social issues and matters. This time her upcoming web series, Kaali Peeli Tales she addresses the topic of infidelity in relationships. This topic is actually very personal to Sayani as while taking to Hindustan Times she expressed how afraid she is of getting cheated by her partner in marriage.

She said, “It’s definitely not nice to be cheated on, no matter who you are. But it happens so much. I feel so scared honestly. It’s one of the reason I think I don’t want to get married because I’m like…what if? These days options are also more, everyone is more accessible. I don’t understand open relationships. I am only talking about how I feel. So I am very petrified and it’s one of the reasons why I’m like nahi bhai shadi toh nahi karni hai, kuch hogaya toh main nahi maaf kar paugi ( I do not want to get married, what if something happens she would not be able to forgive).


These topics are not common in Bollywood, very rarely do such films come out with A-list actors. Yash Chopra once tried his hand with Silsila with Big B, Rekha and Jaya Bachchan. The movie tanked on the box office and got rejected by the mass audience. Expressing her opinion she said, “I think yes because times are changing and the reality has changed. But more than that, I feel man cheating on a wife and the wife taking him back is still more common. In this case, Single Jhumka, the woman cheating and the man is taking her back, or willing to have a conversation, and not be hurt, not coming from a deep-rooted male ego, ‘how could you do that to me’ kind of, this thing is more rare.”

The web series has six stories focussing on nuances and variations in relationships. Kaali Peeli Tales also has stunning performances from veteran actors like Vinay Pathak and Soni Razdan.