Rapper MC Stan receives backlash for calling Puneet Superstar’s content ‘cringe’

Bigg Boss OTT 2, on the grand premiere episode when MC Stan was on the panel… he passed on a comment to Puneet Superstar claiming his content is ‘cringe’ therefore now Puneet followers are commenting on mc stan’s new Instagram post and mocking him.

The Bigg Boss OTT 2 premiere has been fraught with turmoil from the start. Puneet Superstar was one of the contenders that drew everyone’s attention. The social media sensation was evicted on the first day for his outrageous behaviour that irritated everyone. However, Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan took a swipe at him, calling his videos tacky.


Puneet superstar has a huge fan base standing with him. After calling his videos cringe , MC Stan received backlash from Puneet’s fans. One user commented, ‘ Lord ko cringe keh raha tha khud ka comment box dekh re lala’.

After his eviction, Puneet Kumar stated to Youtuber Lakshay Chaudhary that MC Stan apologised to him for calling his material cringe. He said that Stan had phoned him after his elimination and expressed his want to support him, but the producers of Bigg Boss OTT 2 had given him a screenplay that included a jab at Puneet. He went on to state that the ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ singer asked Puneet to expose the information in public because many irate Puneet followers are attacking him on his social media handle.