Ranbir Kapoor spends quality time with fans after shooting for Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film in Spain; Can be seen taking selfies

Ranbir poses cute selfies with his fans in Spain during his film shoot.

The most endearing Bollywood star, Ranbir Kapoor, is now married to Alia Bhatt and is enjoying married life to the fullest.

Currently, Ranbir is working on a new movie with Shraddha Kapoor that features some of the most romantic scenes ever put on screen. This movie is currently trending on all social media platforms.


Ranbir and Shradda have never previously been on screen together in a Bollywood film, so we’re hopeful that their future collaboration will produce a fantastic film that stands apart from the rest of the industry.

The actor, who is now filming love Ranjan’s as his upcoming motion picture Has been making the most of his time away from the camera with his stunning co-star Shradda Kapoor. The handsome man has been making his followers happy by stopping to take a few selfies.


People were pleased to share their photos with the singer on social media after they waited long enough to see him after his photo shoot. Before leaving, Ranbir was seen doing more than just taking selfies. He was also seen chatting with a few fans and signing autographs.

The past several weeks have been spent by Ranbir and Shradda filming some swoon-worthy scenes in and around the picturesque Spanish cities. Most recently, the crew could be spotted filming a song sequence in which the on-screen couple almost kissed as part of the choreography.

This comedy-drama This is the first time viewers will get to see Ranbir and Shradda on the same screen. The last time the two actors appeared together was in an advertisement, but they never made a movie.