Shahid Kapoor starrer Dingko Singh biopic stands CANCELLED, reveals director Raja Krishna Menon, says “sometimes you just need to move on”    

Director Raja Krishna Menon’s film Pippa with Ishaan Khatter in the lead has released on Amazon Prime, this is Ishaan’s first project with the filmmaker. Many are aware that Raja Krishna seems to have a close bond with Shahid’s entire family.

The director had even collaborated with Shahid for a biopic on the boxing champion Dingko Singh, who is also an Asian Games gold medalist. It was reported in 2018 that Shahid will be playing the lead role as the athlete and also be acting as the producer.


One year after the alleged rumours, Menon confirmed the information and said that the script work for the film had begun. However, due to Shahid’s different projects and the filmmaker’s busy schedule the project got delayed.

Now, when both the them have finally gotten time for the film, Menon has said that the biopic will not be made. In an interview with News18, Raja revealed that it was a boxing movie that they had been wanting to create. Unfortunately, the film couldn’t be made and sometimes you just have to move on.

This current scenario has not affected Menon’s friendship with Shahid. They have rightfully accepted the course of events that led to the non-execution of the project. Both of them will collaborate for another movie together and have been discussing scripts regarding it. Menon also stated that despite the minor complications Shahid is a dear friend of mine.

Menon also expressed that he is not in a rush to work with Shahid. They will eventually come to a story and a character that Shahid can do justice to.

The narrative of the film and other aspects will also be essential in making a masterpiece. He will surely collaborate with Shahid when they come across a good story.