‘Mimi’ foremost movie by Kriti Sanon, will be released on the OTT platform

Kriti Sanon has been in the industry for the past seven years, the diva has done tremendous work to impress the audience and always caught the eyes balls of the people. Mimi is the first movie for Kriti in which her playing a woman-centric role, the movie is already packed up and prepped but got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The makers of the movie wanted the film to be released in theatres, but due to COVID reopening of theatres seems next to impossible for few more months.
According to the sources, “Dinesh has checked all possibilities and finally decided to go online with Mimi. He has earned a good profit and is expected to make the announcement soon.”
Soothe movie will be released on the OTT platform, and the release date will be announced soon

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