Govinda releases a statement against Krushna Abhishek, says ‘Karishma Shah never wanted any family member to even see their baby”

In an official statement released by Govinda, the actor talks about the defamatory comments made by his nephew and his wife.

It was recently reported that Krushna Abhishek would be sitting out of the episode of The Kapil Sharma Show where his uncle Govinda was invited as a guest. The uncle-duo fell out two years ago and haven’t reconciled. Over the two years, both the sides have issued statements expressing their side of the story. While Krushna recently released a statement on why he would be sitting out of the popular show, no one heard anything from Govinda.

Now after a long time of silence, Govinda tells his side of the story. In an official statement released by Govinda, the actor says that he has read about his nephew’s statements in the newspaper and was upset about the defamatory comments about him.


Clearing up on his side of the story, Govinda said that he and his family had gone to meet the comedian’s twins when they were born. The actor says, “I along with my family went to see his twins in the hospital and met the doctor (Doctor Awasthi) and the nurse taking care of them. However, the nurse told me that the mother of the kids – Kashmira Shah never wanted any of the family members to come and see the surrogate babies. Upon further insistence, we were made to see the babies from a long distance. We returned with a heavy heart, however, I strongly feel that Krushna does not know of this incident.”

He also claims that Krushna had also visited his house with the kids and Aarti Singh but forgot to mention it.

Govinda says he doesn’t understand the reason of the slander by the couple as he has a lot of respect for his nephew. Talking about the public comments made by the couple, the actor says, “I strongly believe that washing dirty linen in public is an indication of insecurity and allows outsiders to take advantage of a family’s misunderstandings.”

He ends the statement saying that he will maintain his distance from now on and urged the people who dislike him to do the same.