Gauahar Khan called Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber ‘Dumb’, Find out why

It seems like the globally recognised Canadian singer, Justin Drew Bieber along with his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber is in hot water with Gauahar khan because of their response to the fasting ritual on Ramadan.

Recently Justin and Hailey came together for an interview on an Instagram page named ‘Hijab Modern’ where the discussion over Ramadan fasting took place. The singer said, “I gotta really think about that, I have never really done it…I think our bodies need nutrition to think properly.”


On the other hand Hailey said that fasting off food doesn’t make any sense to her. She also added ,”if you want, fast off the TV, fast off your phone, I think I believe in that more, but fasting off food…it never really made sense to me…or if you are fasting sweets or fasting sugar.”

The couple is seen expressing their opinion on fasting but this doesn’t seem to go well with Bollywood diva Gauahar Khan who khan who is mostly known for taking stand for what seems correct to her. Gauahar Khan who has started her journey in Bollywood twenty years back was born in a Muslim family and now married to Zaid Darbar and both of them are following the Ramadan tradition by keeping Roza.

The comments made by Mr. and Mrs. Bieber didn’t go well with Gauahar as she finds their remarks insensitive. Gauahar also took a dig at the couple by commenting on their video,”Just proves how dumb they are. Only if they knew about the science behind it. And the health benefits from it! Get am education @Justinbieber and @haileybieber. It’s okay to have an opinion btw! But be intelligent enough to put forth correctly.”