After the viral Lucifer poster, Shehnaaz Gil shares screen space with Lucifer’s actor Tom Ellis

Lucifer’s poster that features Shenaaz Gill and Tom Ellis had gone viral and now two of the videos are too.

Shehnaaz Gill, a couple of days ago, shared a poster of Lucifer that featured her and Tom Ellis. Although her fans love the poster they soon started speculating whether the actress was making her way to Netflix debut soon. But it looks like Shahnaz is a part of Netflix’s campaign Playback for 2021. Taking to her Instagram account, she recently shared two videos, wherein, in one of them she was seen interacting with The White Tiger actors Rajkummar Rai and Adarsh Gourav, and in one more video she was seen talking to Lucifer. Fans responded to both of these videos with great enthusiasm.

“But asli Boss toh mani hi hoon!#NetflixIndiaPlayBack2021#PlayBack2021” the actress wrote,sharing the video with Rajkummar and Adarsh.They have shown that the actress is asking both the actors, “Bahot time Se Radhika Apte Nahi Dikhi” in the video, to which Rajkummar replied, “She is coming back.”


While on the other hand, in the video with Lucifer, the actress was seen talking about how she cried a lot, yet still, she was voted out, to which Tom Ellis replies, “No no no no, don’t blame yourself.” And to which Shenaaz said, “Bhai Ne Bhi Mainu Yehi Kahyasi(my brother also told me the same).”


Although both the videos are clear and very well edited, fans of Shenaaz are very happy to see her share screen space with Lucifer.” Shenaaz Chaa Gyi Aap Chaa Gyi Aap”, one of the fans commented. Another fan wrote, “Some cheap bb clowns mocked her for not knowing English. Now she is promoting Hollywood series of Netflix in her own Punjabi Andaz.”